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… to our travel design and event planning service, with roots and relationships all around the world!

We serve a wide variety of travelers from all walks of the world — from budget trips to high-end luxury arrangements, as well as group events and incentive trips, and everything in between — at nearly any destination around the world.

With a focus on customized trip planning, we cater our services to each individual client and group.

our passion for


… runs deep within our veins. The combined travel of our team covers nearly half the countries in the world.

We love travel. Our lives are inclusive of regular travel. And, some of us have even been full-time travelers for extended periods of time.

We’re not just a name behind a desk looking at a map — we are seasoned travelers with hundreds of stamps in our passports… and, we LOVE sharing our knowledge and experience!

Nordic Cruise
Big Ben
Punta Cana Resort



We have history of arranging successful trips for groups ranging from 4-180 people.

Whether you’re looking for a corporate retreat, a family getaway, or a friends adventure, we’ll assist with logistics, planning, arrangements, reservations, and even guest gifts and amenities.




Need a little weekend getaway?
… a much-needed long holiday?
… an exotic adventure?

From simple hotel arrangements to complete daily custom itineraries, we’re here to make your next travel experience happily unforgettable!

Your dreams await…

Let's start the journey!

Romantic Picnic Dinner



We’re hopeless romantics at heart! And, we love planning special little rendezvous anywhere in the world!

Members of our team have had the pleasure of planning, arranging, and delivering honeymoon experiences to multiple clients over the past few years.

We’d love the opportunity to help plan an experience for you or for someone you know.

We arrange romantic trips through our partner service, Love & Lux.

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healthy & active


We love an active lifestyle with a healthy balance between dining, exercise, relaxation, and mental stimulation.

We know that each individual traveler has his or her own lifestyle choices, activity preferences, and ideals for their next travel experience.

That means that not everyone is interested in healthy activities, exercise, and eating well — we get that (you should see us at an all-you-can-eat)!

But, we always strive to encourage health-related experiences to be mixed in with every trip — and, per request, we can compile a list of top activities at a desired destination.

We’ll also soon be implementing ActiveLife Tours, which will focus on healthy retreats: scuba diving, hiking / mountain climbing, biking / cycling, yoga, and spa.

Scuba Diving With Turtle And Reef
EHT Beach Cleanup Project

clean earth


We (currently) only have one (known) world — and, it’s in our best interest to protect it.

We believe everyone is capable of making a small positive difference on the environment.

This means that whether at home or on a trip, we always try to respect the practice of recycling (whenever available), put garbage where is belongs (in the bin / trash barrel), and to even help remove the irresponsible littering of others.

We know that it’s important to respect animals and plants in their natural environment.

While we love the idea of a safari, scuba diving adventure, and hike — where we’re able to see nature in its home territory — we also do our best not to disrupt or disturb these natural environments and leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.