Cruise Travel

There are many different options in destinations, cruise lines, and even a variety of accommodation within the same ship depending on your budget and preferences.

Most ships offer a wide range of activities and dining choices on board and in ports.

A cruise includes travel to select destinations, accommodation, meals, activities, Broadway-style shows, hot tubs, and pools.

Many ships have free mini golf, climbing walls, ice skating, dance classes, fitness classes, a full gym with machines and weights, a casino, Bingo, Karaoke, Art shows — some even having art auctions.

Royal Caribbean Ship Top Deck

Why Cruising?

There are a wide variety of reasons travelers choose cruising over other forms of travel.

While preferences differ from traveler to traveler, here are some of the main reasons a guest will choose a cruise over a single destination getaway:

Chef On Scenic Eclipse Ship

Covid-Friendly Standards

Cruise lines that follow the standards of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) have exceptional protocols in order to combat and prevent the spread of Covid-19. Per the CLIA website:

The cruise industry is one of the most vigilant industries as it relates to sanitation and public health protocols.

Cruise ships are cleaned and sanitized, under normal circumstances, with a frequency that is nearly unparalleled in other settings.

Cruise ship crews regularly clean and sanitize surfaces known for transmitting germs multiple times a day, such as handrails, door handles, faucets, etc.

Cruise passengers are reminded to wash their hands regularly and hand sanitizers are readily available in public locations on a cruise ship. This may sound minor, but hand hygiene is critically important to protecting public health, which our public health officials are reminding us of on a near daily basis now.

Unlike any other travel provider, CLIA member cruise ships must be equipped with medical facilities that meet the standards set forth by the American College of Emergency Physicians, with doctors and medical personnel available 24/7 and the ability to isolate contagious passengers to minimize the risk to others onboard.

Cruising has now become one of the safest forms of travel with all of these stringent protocols.

Danube River Boat

Selecting Cruises

There are many factors that could potentially go into a decision about which cruise to book: price, destinations (ports), amenities, Wi-Fi / Beverage / Dining packages.

This is why it’s important to work with a professional who has an expertise — and, preferably personal experience — in cruising.

Cruise lines will try to captivate you with stunning offers and price points; but, be mindful that these prices generally do not include mandatory additional fees:

In addition, each cruise line — and, sometimes each boat within a cruise line — may specialize in genres and themes, such as romance, luxury, budget, senior cruising, families & children, cultural immersion, and more
Cruise Ship At Night

Why Us?

We take pride in fully customizing every trip plan and apply extensive and intensive research on all trips, including pricing, best accommodation options, packages & deals, and more to create your perfect cruise getaway.

We’re also cruisers — which means we understand the experience, what to look for, and helping find the right option(s) for a guest.

We can arrange and book cruises for you from nearly every major cruise line and riverboat company.

Many times, we are able to obtain additional perks & benefits, such as onboard credits and discounted excursions.

Ready to get away? Feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation.