Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is coverage you purchase in order to protect yourself from various financial risks and losses that can occur while traveling.

Benefits vary by plan, but may include reimbursements for some or all of the following:

How To Choose A Plan

We are not licensed financial or insurance brokers; however, we can research and offer an optional vendor or list of optional vendors that may offer travel insurance based on your country of residence and destination.

The insurance plans themselves are subject to the offerings of these particular vendors.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

As a responsible travel planner and advisory service, we consider it important to make you aware of the benefits of travel insurance.

This is by no means a sales pitch or solicitation for you to purchase travel insurance.

The purchase of travel insurance is not an obligation with any of the trips we plan, arrange, or deliver.

Every traveler should decide whether or not travel insurance is right for them after becoming better informed of the available options and benefits.